Rodrigo Hipólito

10 Years


Rodrigo Castro serves as Managing Director of the Miami office and is a partner at Sagewood Corporation.

He joined Sagewood in 2017, and brings over ten years experience in construction and real estate development operations and processes.

During his tenure, Rodrigo has rapidly solidified Sagewood’s emerging market position in South Florida. Through a client-centric focus, Rodrigo has expanded and solidified Sagewood’s reputation of exceptional quality, care and commitment.

Prior to joining Sagewood, Rodrigo worked for several large Brazilian companies, including Odebrecht for six years. He also founded RHENU LLC. a Brazilian construction company, as well as the Miami-based construction consultancy, Viga Bella LLC. His varied construction experience spans hotels residential condominiums, housing, hospitality and commercial build-outs.

He holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration, a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering and a MBA in Real State at Florida International University.

Rodrigo’s leadership approach involves a concerted effort to keep four primary elements in balance cost control, quality, time and safety. This philosophy is the central for his Miami team’s operations and indicative of the company’s rapid growth in Florida.